Power BI Consulting & Devlopment Services

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Our Power BI Development Services

Our expert team of Power BI consultants evaluates your long-term business goals and existing data infrastructure to come up with a custom-tailored roadmap that fits your project’s needs.


Power Bi







Microsoft Power BI Development

Our custom-made BI software development solutions help in building an enterprise-grade BI solution. In our customized development we apply ETL( Extract, Transform and Load) with cubes and dimension tables

View Power BI reports across multiple platforms and devices

Consolidate multiple data sources through Power BI.

Dashboards with drag and drop, drill down functionalities

Integration & Customization

Bringing seamless integration for your enterprise solutions with any third-party business intelligence system. We integrate multiple data resources like Text file, CSV file, 3rd Party API, MySQL, No SQL, Oracle etc.

Accelerated decision making

Increase in overall productivity

Bringing all mission-critical data into single silo

BI Consulting

Our expert Power BI consultants, help businesses in developing BI consulting i.e. BI strategy, design and optimizing BI architecture. Our experts also apply data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with Machine Learning (ML) concepts.

Evaluate existing systems

Concept strategy, design & implementation

Consult on KPIs, reports and dashboards

Power BI Support and Service

Power BI is an efficient business intelligence tool loaded with data visualization and analytics-rich features. It is a low-cost tool to give your users and executives a birds- eye view of what’s happening across your company

Easily connect to hundreds of data sources

Produce insightful reports

Create personalized dashboards

OLAP & Data Visualization

Translating all behind-the-scenes analytical action into neat, organized and precise information.

Analyze different dimensions of multidimensional data

Scalable back-end to withstand high-load time

Breaking complex data information into a more organized, relatable and understandable form

Dedicated BI Team

Upgrade your Power BI development capabilities with our dedicated BI teams who understand your analysis requirements and work dedicatedly on your project.

Data analytics and visualizations

Power BI embedded solutions

Custom dashboards & reports

Mobile BI

Bringing the power of business intelligence to mobile platforms of your choice whenever and wherever you need it.

Access data and dashboards on your mobile devices

Real-time data access for operational efficiency

Accelerate decision-making process

BI Platform Services

Our BI Platform services help businesses with personalized
and dynamic dashboards development with real-time KPIs
for future decision making and strategy planning.

Platform Integration with tableau and microsoft BI etc

BI metadata management

Interactive reports and dashboard with drill down and drag drop

Our Power BI Developers Expertise

Dashboards showcasing the most relevant KPIs

Interactive reports customized to your business

Data modeling, Integration with efficiency with ETL-related tasks

Simplified analysis of business data

DAX- Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), Merge queries, Power queries

Calling SQL stored procedures and dynamic queries

Key Component Of Power BI

Discover With Power Query

Search organizational and public (cloud) data

Import, merge, shape and cleanse Data

Manage Shared Queries and Certify Queries

Analyze With Power Pivot

Create in-memory data model

Create hierarchies and KPI’s

Create Derived fields and calculations

Visualize With Power View

Analyze, visualize and dispay data

Interactive data visualization tool

Delivers intuitive adhoc reporting for business users

Create Maps With Power Map

Create maps and tour of data

Enables story telling using 3-D data

Uses “Bling Map Service”